Trauma Summit Speaker Presentations

Below is the list of slides that speakers have given us permission to share with delegates of the Trauma Summit. Please note that most files are between 2 & 6 Mb so you will need a good internet connection. 
  1. Robin Shapiro – Why I Love EMDR
  2. Diana Fosha – AEDP
  3. Deborah Simkin – New Developments in Neurofeedback: QEEG and LORETA
  4. Tove Mejdahl – The NeuroAffective Relational Model
  5. Ciaran Mulholland & Michael Duffy – Trauma Focused Cognitive Therapy for PTSD
  6. Janina Fisher – Healing the Body, Healing the Mind 
  7. Janina Fisher – Trauma and the Body 
  8. Christina Buxton & Gordon Turnbull – Proposed Diagnostic Classification of  CPTSD

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