About Us

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Who we are

We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the awareness of Trauma Recovery throughout the world.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where people stop hurting themselves and others because of traumas and other adverse experiences

Our Mission

  • To promote compassion and bring about a greater awareness of psychological trauma and other adverse experiences, their causes, effects and treatment and to place this increased knowledge on a world stage.
  • To create and run successful and well attended international and local events addressing all aspects of trauma, anxiety, stress and the associated mental health problems that they generate and exacerbate
  • To establish a Permanent, Global, Digital Trauma Information Resource and Networking Facility – Belfast Hub. In so doing, to recognise both existing and planned world resources and to consult and integrate with them as appropriate.
  • To consider and take any other appropriate initiatives which may help to achieve our objectives and turn the vision into a reality. For example, encouraging and offering assistance in the creation of a Trauma Treatment Centre in Belfast.

Meet the Team

Action Trauma was founded by Clive Corry in memory of his late wife, Gillian. His vision is to spread the word and make Belfast a trauma information hub, driving research, improving understanding and disseminating information on every aspect of trauma. Brian Corry is Clive’s son and fellow-director, primarily involved in strategy, planning and logistics. Tomas Bamford,  Michaela Devlin and Karen Hamilton manage forward planning, marketing, promotion and the day to day organisation of all the trauma events. Becca Wilgar coordinates and manages the speakers and their needs.

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Clive Corry

Brian Corry

Tomas Bamford

Michaela Devlin

Becca Wilgar

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